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Posted on 2016-07-21 22:42:56 by refinder

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can anybody link the source?

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Mostly everything that gets uploaded to this booru came from the drawthreads on /d/, draw specifically for those threads at request.

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"Requesting a smug Misty either having a really huge ass and crushing ashes Pokémon underneath it while he watches her powerless to stop her

>filename related (forgivethedeviantarttierart.jpg)


Misty digesting ashes Pokémon with a smug expression on her face while he is powerless to stop it as they all turn into fat on her ass and tits" - Anonymous

"Misty is so petite, I can't possibly suspend my disbelief as much as drawing her digesting 8 feet high pokemons.
So I had her ask her pokemons for some help." -Korram